The people behind RAILPOOL - David Greet - Interview

Brief introduction of the person  

Name:  David

Position and area:  Dispatcher in locomotive management

Jahre Years of service:  1 1/2 years

My main role(s) in 2-3 sentences: I keep an eye on the locomotives assigned to me and monitor compliance with maintenance deadlines. In consultation with our customers, I plan the maintenance visits and organise the repairs in case of sudden defects. Work entails work: everything is documented and filed.  


What was your first impression of RAILPOOL and how were you received?   

The induction period was well structured and I was given enough time to familiarise myself well. I was not thrown in at the deep end . That speaks well  for my colleagues If you have a question, you find an answer  


What did you do before joining RAILPOOL ? 

My last job was at Munich Airport as a ramp agent and I also took care of the loading planning for the aircraft. 16 years of shift work, also on Sundays and public holidays. As a family man, my work-life balance is important to me and at RAILPOOL I can now flexibly arrange my working hours.


How would you describe the working atmosphere at RAILPOOL?    

I like my colleagues, not only those in my own department. The environment is right. My workplace is modern. Through coronavirus, I have experienced half of my company affiliation while working from home. It was made possible in the very early stages of Covid-19 and for all those who work in the office, masks were provided and the work environment was adapted to the situation. There is a true feeling of “togetherness”.


What exactly excites you about your work in loc management?  

It never gets boring and you don’t live mentally in a square box. I have super supervisors, department heads as well as team leaders. I never had that at the airport. The same goes for all my colleagues. We are all on a first-name basis and help each other.


What are the biggest challenges for you in your daily work?

Keeping locomotive downtimes short and some things happen geographically far away from an easy solution.


My best experience at RAILPOOL so far was…  

This is a difficult question. My trip to Antwerp to meet a customer and to help with the stocktaking in the warehouse. Well, everyone probably sees it differently, but I had fun. The colleagues make a lot of difference.


RAILPOOL is one of the leading railway vehicle leasing companies offering real expertise for full service from a single source. The company was founded in Munich in 2008 and now operates in 16 European countries.

RAILPOOL is one of the largest providers in Europe with more than 400 locomotives and an investment total of over one billion euro. The RAILPOOL fleet covers 70,000,000 kilometers every year and makes an important contribution to the modal shift to rail. RAILPOOL has its own warehouse with over 78,935 items from 2,700 different spare parts and components.

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