What is actually behind RAILPOOL?

What is actually behind RAILPOOL?

The people behind RAILPOOL - David Greet - Interview

RAILPOOL is an ambitious company that successfully rents out rail vehicles throughout Europe as a full-service provider. We combine leasing, maintenance, spare parts procurement, workshop organization and insurance. This makes planning, control and administration easier and more flexible for rail operators.



Together we set and promote impulses, in accordance with our guiding principle flexibility for rent – flexibility for improvement, in order to master upcoming challenges together and to help shape the mobility of the future.

Our RAILPOOL team now consists of around 100 employees (m/f/d) who are at our headquarters in Munich as well as at our partner workshops and locomotives throughout Europe. Our diversity of experts (m/f/d) with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences make RAILPOOL a place to meet exciting and varied tasks and a great team.

Want to learn even more about RAILPOOL and also get to know the people behind Railpool? In our next blog posts you will have the opportunity to learn more about working at RAILPOOL from the employee’s point of view and to get insights into the daily work routine at RAILPOOL. Stay tuned!


RAILPOOL is one of the leading railway vehicle leasing companies offering real expertise for full service from a single source. The company was founded in Munich in 2008 and now operates in 16 European countries.

RAILPOOL is one of the largest providers in Europe with more than 400 locomotives and an investment total of over one billion euro. The RAILPOOL fleet covers 70,000,000 kilometers every year and makes an important contribution to the modal shift to rail. RAILPOOL has its own warehouse with over 78,935 items from 2,700 different spare parts and components.

RAILPOOL. Flexibility For Rent.


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